”Focus on proper basic technique… I do not want to build castles on sand”
— Unsui Sensei

The Jinenkan Hiryu Dojo is one of few official Dojo in Europe (and the only in Sweden). We offer training in Jissen Kobudo Jinenkan. We are careful to follow Unsui Sensei’s (Jinenkan Kancho) principles as closely as possible and we attend seminars and training worlwide every year.

The Dojo-cho of Jinenkan Hiryu Dojo is Leif Angestam, who during the past 30 years has trained in Japan, Europe and the USA beside Sweden. Leif has attained the grade of Rokudan (6 dan) in the arts of Jissen Kobudo and is one of few people in the world who is a licensed Menkyo Kaiden-sha in Jinen Ryu.

We train three times a week. To contact us send an e-mail to leif.angestam@gmail.com

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